Six Negotiation Tips SheetYou probably don’t realize how often you are engaged in a negotiation. If you have children, you negotiate with them constantly. In a relationship, you negotiate who does what chores, vacation destinations, the budget for the trip. As an employee, you negotiate time off, promotions, raises, transfers, and budget approvals for projects. You negotiate when you buy cars, homes, property as well as when you sell them off. 

As much as people negotiate on a daily basis, few actually learn strategic negotiation skills to improve their outcomes. It is not only important to practice negotiating, but it is important to pick up on the strategies and tactics so that you can continually get better resolutions AND have healthier relationships. 

Here are six tips to use when you negotiate small or big things. Practice these strategies on a daily basis. You will strengthen your negotiation muscle. Being a strong negotiator is a skill that everyone can possess. Just as lifting weights builds physical muscle, negotiating daily will build the skills to turn anyone from a shy negotiator into a powerful one. 

Check out my Six Negotiation Tips sheet!