Difficult Emotions During Divorce

Going through a divorce can trigger difficult emotions. You may be wondering how to manage difficult emotions better. Are you having thoughts about how no one will [...]

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A Loan Assumption in a Divorce

Should you Consider a Loan Assumption? If you’re in a divorce process or considering it, one of the most challenging issues is dealing with the house. The [...]

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How to Handle Finances During a Divorce

Finances during a divorce can become a very embattled conversation. Whether you are considering a divorce or are already in the middle of the process, most of my clients would say there are two typical categories of concerns that are their primary focus...

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Why Divorce Planning Should Include an Estate Plan

One of things I ask people when they approach me about mediation is whether they have an estate plan. Surprisingly, most people do not. Furthermore, many are not clear about why they should have one, to begin with. If you own a home or have children, you should definitely put together your estate plan.

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Divorce Mediator vs Lawyer

Divorce mediator vs lawyer? When people contact me, a divorce mediator, I am their first stop in their divorce process. Most of the time, it is their [...]

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Navigating Finances with a Co-Parent

Finances...it’s a top stressor even for married couples. As divorced co-parents...oh, boy. But even if your finance conversations are stressful or contentious now, don’t despair! This post will show you the steps to – even as a co-parent – find clarity, teamwork, and peace of mind!

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