Holly McClain, Divorce Coach

Holly McClain, Divorce Coach


Divorce coaches come in all shapes and sizes, with various credentials and specialties. In general, a divorce coach supports clients who are going through a divorce. Coaches help people understand the overall divorce process.  They work with their emotions and manage their thoughts. A divorce coach is your guide and thinking partner. They can also help you get through your divorce mediations.


Divorce coaches help clients in a variety of ways, starting with navigation of the often confusing divorce process. First, we understand the general divorce process/procedures and share this roadmap with clients. Divorce coaches are also connected to a robust network of other divorce professionals (financial, real estate, legal, parenting professionals, career counselors, etc). They can readily refer you as needed.

A divorce coach helps you manage your emotions. This is key! Divorce is traumatic and one of the single most difficult life transitions for people. Scientifically, when your emotions are running high and you’re living through a traumatic phase of your life,  your brain does not function at its full capacity. Unfortunately, navigating your divorce requires you to make big, long-term decisions using your brain. It can be incredibly difficult if not impossible to make sound decisions while under the stresses of divorce. With the support of your coach, you will learn how to work WITH your emotions and manage them accordingly. Together, you are able to handle the business of your divorce with a clear mind and settled emotions.

A coach helps you to be able to make sound decisions as you move forward with your divorce. Side by side, your divorce coach acts as your thinking partner. In addition, your coach can expertly guide you through the process of evaluating your internal thoughts.  In the coaching world, we call this “Thought Work”. Divorce coaches teach you how to make sound decisions from within yourself. You learn to evaluate your thoughts to decide if those thoughts are serving or sabotaging your movement forward.


A divorce coach saves you time, money, and unnecessary heartache along the way. When your mind is clear and your emotions are in check, you are quicker to make decisions and stick to them. Saving time from spinning with your legal or additional divorce professionals saves you money. In addition, you save time and money when you have the tools to keep your emotions in check and as you handle the business side of your divorce.  When emotions take a back seat in decision-making, you are less apt to ‘change your mind’ about a previously negotiated issue and revisit that topic for a second or third round.

A drawn-out divorce negotiation process is taxing on the mind, body, and spirit. Streamlining the business side of divorce by processing your feelings away from the negotiation table or outside of the attorney’s office saves you money. Using the expertise of your divorce coach as your thinking partner beforehand is a strategic best practice. Not only do you get the support of a thinking partner who understands the process, but you learn to manage your emotions and thoughts which sets you up with skills and tools as you move forward in your next chapter.

And finally, after the divorce is done, your divorce coach can guide you in mapping out your next chapter. You will learn how to leave behind old ways of being that no longer serve you and adopt fresh new approaches to life that will invite in the future of your dreams.

**As a Divorce Transition Coach, I work specifically with clients through the entire divorce process: from ground-zero to post-divorce life planning and everything in between. I am a Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Certified Divorce Professional and I’ve personally been down the road of divorce.