Hiring a Negotiation Coach

Perhaps you never even considered hiring a negotiation coach. You are a pretty strong communicator, so why would you need one? Think of hiring a negotiation coach [...]

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Five Tips for Clear Communication

These five tips for clear communication can help you navigate your way through a family gathering without getting stuck in conflict. For most people, the holidays can be a time of anxiety. Family gatherings can cause people stress if communication is an issue among family members.

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Negotiation Tactics to Get Past the No

I learned a little bit about negotiation tactics in early 2000. One of the things I realized was that I did not have to take no for an answer. The company where I worked decided to lay off the entire staff in California and relocate to the east coast.

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Negotiating Tips

You probably don’t realize how often you are engaged in a negotiation. If you have children, you negotiate with them constantly. In a relationship, you negotiate who [...]

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Negotiating with Your Kids

NEGOTIATE WITH KIDS? So many parents are busy googling ways to stop negotiating with their kids. I am here to tell you that you SHOULD negotiate with [...]

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