Negotiation Coaching

Negotiation does not come naturally to most people. Yet, when they are facing major negotiation challenges, they try to muddle through it without proper coaching. This will guarantee that they will not get the best outcome.

Hire a Negotiation Coach

It is critical to hire a coach before important negotiations. Some of these scenarios which require preparation prior to engagement can include asking for a raise or a promotion, contract negotiations, buying or selling a house, figuring out how to manage an estate, going through a divorce, or complicated family dynamics.

Separate What you Need from What you Want

A negotiation coach can help you determine what your BATNA and WATNA are. They can also help you evaluate the situation and create multiple offers. A coach can go over various negotiation strategies to employ based on the situation. A coach can also help you understand what a reasonable offer is and whether you are below or above that range.

How to Work with Your Coach

When you work with a negotiation coach, you can expect to discuss your situation with your coach. They coach will ask you several questions to learn more about your own interests in the negotiation. They will also discuss several strategies before moving into role play. It is so important to practice negotiating. It is a skill which needs to be practiced. Just as one would not attempt to play tennis by watching a video, negotiation is similar. In order to become a skilled negotiator, you need to practice often. Having a coach gives you the opportunity to role-play and practice the negotiation prior to the real thing. Your coach can give you guidance on key words or phrases which work better than others. Your coach can also help you imagine what the opposition will say, so that you have a chance to practice your rebuttal and counter-offers. The better rehearsed you are, the less chance you will have of getting caught off-guard and damaging your stance. A little bit of coaching prior to negotiating will go a long way!

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